Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekly Review of Forever21 Apparel: Zippered Straight Ankle Pants


From Forever21's Contemporary section, this outfit is super adorable. The Contemporary section is school teacher like and also old lady-ish but in the stylish side of them. This section also has a hipster and vintage vibe. For $22.80  you can get these zippered straight ankle pants in "brick" or "tan". I prefer the brick color because it stands out more and it's an unusual color, whereas the tan blends in with a white skin color and is similar to khakis. Ankle pants are in! They are not capris and not the normal length of regular pants or jeans. They rest around your ankles so you can show off some rocking heels or cute boots. The "zippered" part of these pants' name is from the zippers on the inner bottom leg that aren't apparent in the pictures. 

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