Sunday, August 26, 2012

Themed Nails

 Christmas Nails!!!
  • A red background  
  • color
  • Make a triangular shape in green.  
  •  Sweep the green triangle with a polish with glitter chunks. 
  •   Add a gold dot at the top for the star.

Valentines Day Nails!

  • Red or pink back drop
  • Clear sparkle on top
  • Dab light pink polish with a Q-Tip or brush into a heart shape.  

St. Patrick's Day Nails

  • A dark green back drop with sparkles, or sparkled polish over green polish. 
  • Black matte dabbed into a circle at the bottom of nail.
  • With a Q-Tip or small brush, dab gold polish above black circle to look like gold in a pot. 

Halloween Nails!!

  • Black polish first
  • Then a clear sparkle
  • And on top orange sparkles. 
  • Black back drop
  • Orange circle at the bottom of nail.
  • Small black dots on orange circle for eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Green stem on top of pumpkin. 

Of course there are many other holidays out there but these are just the ones that I did on my nails. 

For birthdays you can do balloons, presents, cake, etc. 

For New Years you can do the year in numbers, streamers, a confetti look, drinking glasses, etc. 

You can also do nails for the seasons with their general colors. 

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