Saturday, August 18, 2012

TLC: 5 Fun Back-to-School Outfit Ideas 

TLC Style "5 Fun Back-to-School Outfit Ideas" 


1 Girls: The Boho Flow

Soft, feminine and free-spirited, the bohemian look is everywhere now, and it works for all ages and body types. Loose, printed tunics over jeans, flowing maxi skirts with crop tops, and wide-leg pants paired with embroidered, cotton, gypsy-style blouses are staples here, and the shoe options range from leather platform sandals to canvas flats to slouchy, suede knee boots.
Try this:
  • Wide-leg, soft linen pants
  • Silky, hip-length blouse, belted at the waist (something wide, suede or leather)
  • Neutral gladiator sandals
  • Long, beaded necklace
  • Mixed-metal bangles


2 Guys: Too Cool

The "sensitive bad boy" look pretty much always works (especially when the wearer is a sensitive good one). If this is the year you go hip, you might go back to school in something a little bit emo – but please, not all black. So dull.
Try this:
  • "Old" graphic tee (possibly retro)
  • Skinny, dark-wash jeans
  • Hoodie
  • Studded leather belt
  • Chuck Taylor-style high-tops 

3 Girls: Oh, So Sweet

Young or old (and by "old" we mean, like, 17), school-girl chic is, well, chic. Think Rachel Berry minus the reindeer and the crippling insecurity.
A mini skirt, waist-length sweater, and Oxford shoes are your basics here. Knee socks are optional, and shorts under the skirt are very highly recommended.
Try this:
  • Lightweight, girly sweater (a subtle neck frill or Peter Pan collar work great)
  • Plaid mini skirt
  • Solid knee socks or leggings
  • Oxfords (platform ones, for the grown-up girls)
Top it off with a narrow headband. It's still in.

4 Guys: Laid-back Layered

Fashion ain't just for the ladies, and one of the best looks on a guy is the effortless, "I just threw this on and I look good" style you see so often on Hollywood's quirkier leading men. Two pieces on top -- a T and a button-down (un-buttoned) -- layer to create a look that's a tiny bit grungy but mostly pulled together.
Try this:
  • Solid, neutral T or faded, graphic one
  • Short-sleeve, plaid button-down
  • Dark wash jeans
  • Retro-style sneakers
Slightly tousled hair will finish off the look, if you've got the length for it. 

5 Girls: The Boyfriend (Blazer)

This trend has been around for a couple of years now and shows no signs of slowing down. The "boyfriend" blazer, a classic suit-type jacket, a bit shrunken, occasionally broken-in, pairs beautifully with slouchy "boyfriend" jeans and flats. For the late days of summer and early fall, go with something lightweight -- cotton or a linen blend.
Try this:
  • Boyfriend blazer in black
  • Faded, cropped boyfriend jeans or dark-wash skinny jeans
  • Fitted, button-down top
  • Flats or ankle booties
Toss a printed scarf on top to girly it up a bit, and consider a mini leather cross-body bag to finish the look. It won't hold any books, but it's really cute. 

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