Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tube Tops

Good, or okay, Examples 

Tube tops... they come in all sorts of colors and patterns of course, but they aren't at all flattering, especially for women with big arms. This style of shirt is actually very trashy. It is for girls that like to show off their breasts in the wrong way. 

Tube top dresses are a different story. Maxi dresses are the most common dress with a tube top. The style fits maxi dresses well, just not for shirts. 

The tube top's "trashy" side is brought out more when the person dresses the shirt up in a negative way. When she adds more trashy looking items to the outfit. A way to dress down this look is to wear a simple tube top, say a striped one, with a solid body con shirt. 

Also tube tops with a sweetheart neckline are slightly less trashy. 

Bad Examples 


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