Friday, August 17, 2012

Mix & Match Your Wardrobe

This post was inspired by Seventeen Magazine's 30 Days of Amazing Style article in their September 2012 issue. 

I know I have done a few other posts with roughly the same topic, but now I have solid information for you! 

Do you have a closet of old and new, ugly and attractive clothing? Well I know how to make many outfits from just one shirt or one pair of shoes! 

All you need is... 

  At least 9 pairs of nice shoes. (Flats, boots, heels, tennis shoes, sneaker, etc.) 

 At least 8 long sleeve shirts of different patterns, materials, and styles. 

 Accessories that can be paired with multiple outfits. (Golds, silvers, bronze colored chains and charms. Charms of any design and genre.) 

 One pair of colored jeans. (Peach, coral, red, blue, etc. Nothing neon or too bright. And bigger thighs and legs don't look good in colored jeans.) 

 A black, navy blue, and red blazer, or a color of your choice. 

 A few solid colored scarves or patterned scarves. 

  Have a few dresses of different lengths and styles, as well as skirts. Add tights and/or boots to them for colder days. 

 Get a couple nice jackets, sweaters, hoodies, etc. (Denim, leather, cotton...) 

Remember to have different patterns, colors and textures. Also throw some crop tops, button ups and unusual clothing items... hair accessories too! 

Now for the mixing and matching! 

  • Pair long sleeves with skirts or and sneakers for a preppy look. 
  • Blazers or sweaters with dresses when you want to feel cozy but fun!
  • If a blazer has shiny gold buttons on it, add your favorite gold necklace or gold shoes, don't have a pair... get one it's a must have. 

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