Sunday, August 19, 2012

10 Haircut Tips


It's a new school year and picture day is coming up! If you already got your pics taken, too bad I was late on these tips. So before you get your picture taken it's always great to get a fresh hair do. You're pic will look much better without your split ends from summer.

Tip 1: Don't do anything too daring for your haircut. 

Tip 2: Get your dry ends chopped off but maybe add some layers or a V or U shape to your hair bottom. 

Tip 3: Don't get bangs! What if they turn out super bad... right before picture day! Save it for later in the year.

Tip 4: Try not to go too short with your hair; this again might turn out unlike you dreamed it to be. 

Tip 5: Research your face shape's best hairstyle. 

Tip 6: Don't always rely on hairstyle magazines because the models don't have your face shape or personality. So decide on a style that fits YOU! 

Tip 7: Go to a trusted hair salon and pick out your hair dresser well. (Hint!!!) The gay male hair dressers are usually the best! ;) 

Tip 8: Don't cut your own hair, even if it saves you money, you'll be disappointed!!! 

Tip 9: Ask for any special serums or sprays for your hair at the salon, sure they are expensive but most of the time they work and leave your hair smelling wonderful!

Tip 10: Try out a new trend that you know will work for you, but not a crazy one. 

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