Friday, August 31, 2012

Monthly Me!!!: Sans Souci Polka Dot Shirt


It's a slightly old shirt but I love it! I wore it today for picture day at my high school.  I also wear this shirt practically every few weeks! I need some new shirts! It is a slight high-low shirt with a button in the back to draw in the waist. It's a flowy material with "baggy" arms. 

  •  With a black tank underneath it seems a but less see through, but it's definitely a shirt that needs a tank top. 
  • I wear it with my brown oxfords and pearl earrings to match the polka dots. 
  • Red or dark pink lipstick goes well with this outfit and sometimes I'll do a vintage hairstyle with it. 
  • Necklaces are optional for this outfit because the shirt is already eye catching!
  • If I go out somewhere, then my brown side bag is always with this outfit. 

 Sans Souci(Carefree in French) is the brand, about $15+ at TJMaxx

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