Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School: Hottest Trends and Colors 

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So the latest colors for this fall that you should pay attention to for back to school are; olive, purple, off white, red, and gray.

Olive green clothing and accessories
Olive is like an army green and great for rugged girls and guys. 

Purple clothing and accessories
Purple or magenta is cute without being to girly like pink. These similar colors are great for the fashionable girls out there, as are all of these trendy colors. 

Gold clothing and accessories

Gold and off white are going to be in style for my vintage girls out there! 

Red clothing and accessories 

Red is the color for the daring girls and the dressy yet tom-boy girls too. 

Grey clothing and accessories

Last but not least on our top 5 color trends for the fall is gray. Gray, or grey for the UK, is going to be a slightly boring color but it'll be great for rocker girls! 

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