Friday, August 31, 2012

Polo Shirts: Lacoste & Ralph Lauren

  Ralph Lauren Polo shirts   Ralph Lauren Women's Big Pony Skinny Polo Shirt Yellow 

Both of these brands have a polo shirt, but what's the difference? 

To the "untrained" eye these two brands of polos would look identical, wrong! There are alligators on the Lacoste polos and a man on a horse playing polo on the Ralph Lauren shirt. To me there is no other difference. 

Both brands make polos for men and women. They come in all sorts of colors with a collar and a few buttons at the neckline. And of course each brand logo on a side of the shirt. 

There are other brands with polo shirts like IZOD. All are around $65.00, who would pay that much for a shirt when you can get a $13.00 Hanes shirt that looks exactly the same! 

Word of Advice (W.o.A)
Do not "pop the colla" on these shirts, you'll look absolutely stupid... 


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