Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Tip #7


Do you ever wear makeup? Well maybe you've heard the statements or questions for people around you, "Do you wear makeup?", "Are you wearing makeup?", "Oh, you're wearing makeup today!"... I just hate it when people point it out. For the, "Oh, you're wearing makeup today!" statement I always think, well I always do. Does it look like I am natural some days more than others or is it just I've done a crappy job those days, compliment or insult? Or the "Are you wearing makeup?" statement well yeah I am can you tell, awe darn it! Just keep the questionings to yourself and spread the compliments! I don't know if other girls have had this happen to them before but for me more than once.
Going "Au naturale" is always best for your skin, but we all have imperfections we like to hide. Instead of a cake face, try a more neutral look and way less eye makeup! 

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