Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Evolution of Hairstyles: 1930's-1940's

Hairstyles have constantly been changing as well as clothing since the beginning of fashion! I'll show you the hottest trends in American hair from the 1910's up to the 2000's. After the new millennium, hairstyles have merged and been reused from older times so I won't include them. Here are the best examples... 

The 30's


As their hair began to grow out from their bobs in the 20's, women created new hairstyles for longer hair. They kept the finger wave look but looser for longer hair. A curl in the front of the head or large curled folds were common.

The 40's
This time period was the time of war yet again. Due to the war, men were not in factories so women held their jobs and to keep their locks out of harms way they often put them up in bandanas like Rosie the Riveter. The large folded and curled bangs were a similar style to those of the 30's. Picture Marilyn Monroe's hairstyles. Common accessories were netted veils on clips or small side hats and flower and feather clips. 

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