Saturday, March 23, 2013

Betseyville Rouched Cross-body Handbag


A friend of mine had the black purse and blue purse of this Betseyville bag. It is a rouched cross-body handbag from JCPenny for $25. It comes in five colors, black, light blue, pink, white, and a creamy yellow. The blue one is brighter than it looks in the picture and I wish the yellow one was as bright as the blue but when I saw it in the store it was as it looks in the picture, faded. They aren't as long as I prefer when the are cross my body but over the shoulder they look much more long. They are nice and small for days out when all you need is lip gloss, sunglasses, money, a phone, and a mirror... possibly more but it is a small bag. With all the color varieties they will match almost any springtime outfit! 

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