Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nail Polish Flakes


There is a new trend in nail polish! There are small metallic and mirror like flakes in many nail polishes. These polishes are top coats and create a stunning look on nails! They somewhat dissolve onto the nail and don't stick up like glitter pieces. My favorite is the rainbow confetti look and these flakes look can look like fish scales. Revlon has a new line of polishes with a base color and the top coat of flakes in one tube. Finger Paints and Essie have a flake paint line as well. This style was probably made to look like gold flakes but morphed into other colors, Sephora has 24K gold flake nail polish for about $30 I think if you want something authentic, but I wouldn't suggest it because you're going to take it off anyways so why waste money, and GOLD! 

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