Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ombre Lips


This is one of the latest trends in lip color. The ombre look is most popular with hair but it has transferred to nails and lips as well! This looks kind of reminds me of the Disney cartoon, Kim Possible, and her character's lips. The ombre look for lips can come in many varieties.

  •  First would be the top to bottom, or bottom to top, fade from dark to light. This is the most typical and popular. 
  • Then the corner ombre where the corners of the mouth are darker than the rest of the lips. This look can be just the corners or extend to the middle of the lips.
  • Next is the sides where the ombre is almost like a thick lip liner and the inner parts of the lip around the hole of the mouth are the lightest and the "liner area" is darker. 

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