Thursday, March 28, 2013

Evolution of Hairstyles: 1990's-2000's

Hairstyles have been constantly changing as well as clothing since the beginning of fashion! I'll show you the hottest trends in American hair from the 1910's up to the 2000's. After the new millennium, hairstyles have merged and been reused from older times so I won't include them. Here are the best examples...  

The 90's
Having died hair was a trend in the 90's especially blonde streaks and full on blonde. Crazy hair was still in from the 80's but in calmer styles. Large waves and crazy volume was popular too. Short hair was yet again another fabulous hair trend and the best accessory was a ball cap, braids, and clips. 

The 2000's

In the early 2000's red streaks and bottle blonde hair was the fad. Stick straight or crimped hair was in. Brightly colored hairbands and clips were common accessories also clips and bands made with fake hair to match yours were all the rage! The latest and greatest hair products, tools, and accessories were always coming out more and more, and more gimmicky too. 

And there you have it, a summary of the greatest hairstyles and trends throughout the lives of American women from 1910 to the 2000's!!!! 

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