Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Evolution of Hairstyles: 1910's-1920's

Hairstyles have constantly been changing as well as clothing since the beginning of fashion! I'll show you the hottest trends in American hair from the 1910's up to the 2000's. After the new millennium, hairstyles have merged and been reused from older times so I won't include them. Here are the best examples... 

The 10's

In this time there were tight pin curls and bumps galore. Buns with curls were common and a poof that resembles a bird's nest was popular. The best accessory for hair was a long scarf headband that would be placed just in front of bangs or would allow hair to sneak out from the top. 

The 20's

Hairstyles in the 20's were short bobs that were the sign of women's new suffrage and freedom. This haircut resembled a boyish hairstyle and was called a bob. With the new short hair women would often curl or wave their hair flat against their head. The common hair accessories were scarf bands, cloche hats, and beaded and feathered headbands. 

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