Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Evolution of Hairstyles: 1950's-1960's

Hairstyles have constantly been changing as well as clothing since the beginning of fashion! I'll show you the hottest trends in American hair from the 1910's up to the 2000's. After the new millennium, hairstyles have merged and been reused from older times so I won't include them. Here are the best examples...

The 50's

The 50's continued the pinup look and curly hair. The main accessories were fancy clips and netted face covers. Curly hair has lingered on throughout all of the hairstyles.

The 60's

Can you say, VOLUME? The 60's had tons of voluminous hair. A bump in the back of the head like the... dare I say it... Jerseyshore, Snookie look, but better examples would be British singers Duffy and Adele and their hairstyles. Accessories would be thin headbands that separate the bump and bangs. 

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