Saturday, June 30, 2012

Forever21 Critique


Forever21 is great but there are a few things that set me off. 

  1. Everything is cheaply made but is sold at high prices. There are even some stories about child labor and sweatshops. 
  2. Their jewelry is super cute and always sells but is too high priced for bad quality. Why not reduce the prices a bit if they know they sell them, so that the buyer can get a cheaply made item for, cheaper! 
  3. My third argument over Forever21 is that of their plus size section. They obviously have bad plus size designers, I bet they have really skinny designers because they do not know the simplest and main rule about plus size clothing. Waist line, waist line, WAIST LINE! All of the clothes are flowy and loose, sure that is appealing to some plus size women but loose clothing actually makes you look wider. You need something that is light material but has a draw sting or a belt at your natural waist to create curves. Just check out their new arrivals for their plus size section, nothing but loose tops and no waists! Another thing that annoys me about their plus size section is the colors. Tons of neons and graphic Tees, which isn't flattering on bigger women. A neon shirt of a bigger woman is like a giant street sign, trust me. And the graphic Tees are a turn off, they make bigger women look like they are children. And one more thing is the style of the plus size area is that there is no specific style or clothing genre. For me, a plus size woman, I want to wear the cute styles in the other sections that only go up to a large not neon tanks and graphic shirts. Instead of having a plus size section that doesn't even flatter plus sizes, just make every other, "normal", section go up the the sizes in the plus size section. Problem solved, now Forever21 get-a-cracking! 

  • They need some natural tones and earth colors, that is flattering on plus size women. 
  • Waist line cinching shirts
  • Cheaper clothing and accessories
  • Better quality
  • More selection in the plus size section

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