Thursday, June 7, 2012

Color Therapy

Just like home designers use color therapy while painting a room a certain color to enhance or dull a mood this is also great in clothing. Yellow in a baby's room tends to make a baby restless and cry more, red in a kitchen or dinning room makes people hungry, blue in a bathroom or bedroom is calming and blue in a kitchen seems reduces hunger so that is good for people trying to loose weight. Okay enough home talk, now about color therapy in clothing! This video has all the great tips for stimulating and dulling certain moods for you and the people around you. In the video the host states many color to mood analogies. Yellow = happiness, Blue = sadness, Red = heart racing "good feelings", Orange = Daring, etc. So watch the video and grab a pen and paper to take some helpful notes! 

Color Facts 

  • Red tends to turn men on and is known to make hearts race. 
  • Orange is a fresh color. 
  • Yellow is a sign of happiness and gives off positive energy.
  • Green can be a sign of wealth and it's calming. 
  • Blue is relaxing. 

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