Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clear it Up : Acne Washes

So occasionally everyone breaks out, whether it is on your face, back or chest. We've all had those days, male or female, because of your period or not, because we are teens and have hormones and developing bodies, or for whatever reason. The thing is you shouldn't make fun of someone because of the amount of acne they have or feel self conscience about yourself because there are solutions. 

I've heard bad things about Proactive and wouldn't recommend it because of their hidden fees and extra charges and bottom line, high prices. Just because a cute celebrity says it works doesn't mean it does for you. 

Clearasil is good, I don't use it enough to see progress for me personally, but their spot treatments are pretty good. 

PanOxyl is great, use it in the shower, scrub it on, let it sit and then wash it off. You will see results! 

Oxy is kinda like PanOxyl's cousin, hard working as well. (Recommended) 

SkiniD I haven't tried it but it seems unique because it is designed to clear your skin type. You can take a survey online to see which of their products would best suit your skin, pretty neat! 

So there are many solutions out there and for summer, and all the time, you want to be clear and confident! And a helpful hint, next time you are at a doctor's appointment, whatever it is for, ask for Retin-A, it is great for scarring and helps with regular breakouts. Another hint is if you pop a pimple put an antibacterial on it to help it go down faster. But don't pop your pimples or it will lead to scarring... wish someone told me that! 

 This works great! 

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