Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mumford & Sons' Style


A British Folk Rock band with tons of steam and character! Their music is amazing and strong and is a fresh sound compared to the mainstream music now.Banjos, cellos, marching band drums, guitars, and mandolins are some instruments apart of this great band's music.  Their music also takes form in their style, unique and indie-like. Men their ages older and younger should start dressing like this more. It is sophisticated, dressy and yet casual. Vests, ties, pea coats, blazers, bow ties, denim, leather, fedoras, dress pants and shoes, suspenders, etc. all a part of their style. It may seem a bit hipster, but not as "rave-ish" like real hipster style is. Their style is the classic match for the vintage style I am obsessed with, in fact that is what their style is, vintage. 

So for all the men that read my blog take a trip to the nearest men's dress clothing store, such as Men's Warehouse, and try on some dressy, snazzy clothes. 

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