Saturday, February 25, 2012



I love black tights with roses or some sort of floral design on them. Don't ever get tights that are like fishnet tights, yuck, or ones that are pre-ripped. Tights are great with dresses, skirts and some times shorts. They are a life saver if you want to show some leg because it is warm outside but you are in a hurry and don't shave, slip some tights on add a cute cardigan or a blazer and your set. Tiny hearts, leaves, or flowers are some cool designs for tights. White tights are fine but black goes with almost everything. Floral tights are a bit 80's/90's but they have been remodeled so that they fight in with this decade. They can be risky to wear but they are definitely a piece of clothing that add a pop to your outfit.

P.S. A helpful tip if you have leggings, if they start to rip take some clear nail polish and cover the surrounding area to prevent a worse rip.

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