Sunday, February 26, 2012

British Style


Long live the Queen! As a Brit myself I admire the style that English teens and young adults have. I think they have such a unique style because their schools require uniforms so when they have the chance to get out and hang with friends they explode with style to express themselves through their clothing. As Americans we do this everyday so we don't completely understand. The men's style consists of polo shirts, sweater vests, high top Nike shoes, khakis, plaid shirts, V-necks, awesome hair styles, hoodies, blazers, ties, button up shirts, stripes, etc. The girl's style can range from dressy too a bit slutty. Tights, blazers, fitted skirts, oxfords, lace, and a ton of party styled clothing. The girl's style is basically everything that I like and talk about in my blogs. Since in the UK the drinking age is 18, this means parties! Their style is definitely influenced by parties, you must look like you are going to a party weather you are or not or at least they are always dressed and ready for a party! haha maybe not, but it seems like it. And just like in the movies it looks like they use their uniforms or clothes with fake school badges on them in there style. Take Alexa Chung and Adele for a reference, Emma Watson and they rest of the Harry Potter cast too, they all have really good style.


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