Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guy and Cardigans


Daniel Tosh  from Comedy Centrals' Tosh.0 wears cardigans all the time! He definitely rocks them too. But lately I've been seeing a lot of guys wearing cardigans with T's but they stop the style there, they wear flat brimmed hats, Nike socks, Vans, and basketball shorts. Why stop at a fashionable cardigan!!?? Dress it up with dark washed jeans and Oxford shoes, but WAIT! you men think that that would be too girly or whatever lame excuse you can formulate. I think guys can wear cardigans, sometimes even better than girls. They look really nice on them for some odd reason, maybe it is because it is stylish! Cardigans can be casual or formal, it just depends how you dress it up. I've seen guys wear ties with cardigans or just nice pants with it to the homecoming dance at school and it is an awesome way to be dressy but comfortable! Dark trimmed cardigans are super sexy! Buttoned up or hanging loose, either way you choose is a definite YES!

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