Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't Over Wear Things


It's a nasty habit and we all do it! We over wear our favorite piece of clothing or wear it so much because we are running out of clean clothes/ new clothes because you have over worn your other clothes. I do the last one. Don't do this it gets boring for you and the people around you, and you don't know what they could be thinking, "Oh she wore that yesterday", "Ewww three days in a row now, he must not shower". Teens are cruel like that, so do yourself the favor and switch it up. As in one of my previous blogs "Being Versatile"  http://chelsea-style.blogspot.com/2012/01/being-versatile.html it is always a handy skill. I know of a girl who wears leggings as pants everyday! She is a peculiar girl and should change it up, but sometimes she will, other times no. It is fine to re-wear pants if they aren't covered in dirt and filth because it helps out environment by lowering water use. I do this, I rotate my jeans, for example, skinny jeans Mon., other pair of skinny jeans Tues., bootcut Wed., dress or skirt Thurs. "if there is nice weather", skinny jeans from Mon. on Fri. It's as simple as that, and those pants may not get dirty within that week so, my "dirty little secret" is to wear them the next week, two tops then washing time.

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