Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sloppy Hair Styles


Don't do you hair style sloppy it just gives the wrong message. Don't do the lazy bun, it is always done by the sluttier girls who think it's cool to look like they just woke up. It looks like you had a party fail, drank too much and barfed out your soul. And I hate when it is a super high bun, like really, that doesn't look like you have a space ship hiding under there at all! But you can do a messy bun when you're in a hurry to put your hair up while washing your face or something, just not as an all day style. And oh my! The, "I don't think I can put up all of my air so I'll just leave a few carefully thought out and organized pieces of hair out and do the rest nicely" lame excuse for thinking you can make a new hair style and think you can make it look good. So ladies there is no excuse to a thought out ugly hairstyle!

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