Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flat Brim Baseball Hats

What you think you look like, "Swag".

The ones with sports symbols, stupid sayings, and pointless teams on them. The ones with flat brims that look like you sat on your baseball hat. The ones that people with "swag" wear not pulled on their head properly. These hats are hard to pull off and really stupid looking... to me and others. Typically guys wear these hats with basketball shorts, Nike socks, and Vans, the usual "Swag" dude. Swag is super lame, because it doesn't exist, next time you hear a guy talking about swag ask them the definition, I bet half of them will make something stupid up and the other half won't know. That is the real definition, or close to it. And most guys that wear these hats seem to keep the size sticker on,
I guess it has to deal with "swag".
Good luck with looking stupid boys!

What you really look like...

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