Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pajamas: Sexy and Comfortable

There are so many different pajamas out there, sexy, silky, lace, cotton. Then for guys it's shorts, boxers, underwear with a T-shirt, or nothing! haha Well you always want to be comfortable in what you are sleeping in and change your pajama style when the weather changes. Silky for when it's warm at night, cotton for cold nights, and obviously short for when it's warm and long sleeves and pants for when it's cold. Footed pajamas are cute, but not very sexy, so unless whoever you are seen around in them doesn't mind go ahead! And I absolutely hate when my pajama pants ride up when I am sleeping!! but I don't think they make "non-ride up" pajamas. Guys you can wear anything but if you want to be really stylish they have pajamas that look like suits!!! But it's Dolce Gabbana, so... way too expensive to buy just to sleep in.

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