Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Clothes!


Well I'm a few days late I know, but I have a good excuse, I was celebrating my sisters 19th birthday!!! Happy Late Birthday Emily!!! Okay, so for St. Patties day you all should have worn some sort of green, any shade is fine. But you don't only have to dress up in green. I don't own any green shirts... that I like. So what I did, in honor of my sister, I wore my yellow ruffly tank top with my black blazer along with a few green bracelets and necklaces and TA DA I was a pot of gold! So next time someone pinches you on St. Patties Day when you are wearing yellow... Pinch them back for poor judgement and say, "Ummm, hello... can't you tell I'm a pot of gold?"

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