Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Half Shaves Hair Style???


On girls this is really... weird. It just looks like you couldn't finish what Britney Spears did. Do they can or know how long that is going to take to grow back?! Oh and then the race stripes on the shaved part, that is just ridiculous. Shaved hair doesn't really work out for girls... besides the occasional girl that pulls it off. If you are considering doing something drastic like this to your head, rethink it! There are simple ways to get the same hairstyle and look. Flip your hair over to one side, creating a waterfall-like look on the flipped side, especially if you have layers, and then the other side is "flatter". Braiding also can create the desired look, simply do a tight french braid or fishtail, that is obviously connected to your scalp, or clip it to look like it is, and you'll get the same look.

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