Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm a Maxxinista

You may be a fashionista but you would be stupid to buy the same thing at a department store for triple the price when you could be saving tons at TJMaxx! I love TJMaxx and Marshalls, they always have good clothing from trusted brands and a lower price. Not only do they have shoes, bags, scarves, and clothing, they also have jewelry, cooking and kitchen supplies, furniture, bedroom accessories, children's clothing and toys, male ware, and so much more! You can go there for almost anything, sure some stuff may be a bit too high priced but when you are saving more than half of what you would spend somewhere else it pays off in the end. You can go to these stores for any need, and you'll always be within budget and come out looking fashionable! So become a Maxxinsita and go get one of their "Club cards" and start saving!!!

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