Monday, March 26, 2012

Anchors Over!


This pattern is EVERYWHERE! I love the idea of it; simple, creative, elegant and cute. This little item can be in earrings, necklaces, scarves, shirts, dresses, hats, tights, socks and shoes! It also works for both male and female styles. In a way it has a slight vintage sense to it, am I right? This is super sailor style, of course and that is a growing trend. And I always associate anything sailor with navy blue, I wonder if that is where it go it's name? Someone else could have made that connection too and named the color navy blue. Well off on another adventure to the next style "island", until then, Ahoy mateys!!! 
                       o           o          o
                                       o           o         o
                                          o           o         o
                                         |__|      |__|      |__|    
                                         |__|      |__|      |__|    
                                         |__|      |__|      |__|                  
                     \                                                            /  '
                       \                                                        /   '
                         \                                                    /     '
                           \                                                /      X

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