Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fuzzy Socks


Socks seem to be a hated present from the grandma that doesn't know what to get you. However when you want cozy toes you don't have a good pair of socks because you got rid of your socks from grandma at a White Elephant. Too bad huh? Well this year make sure to give at least one person fuzzy socks! They are great for sleeping in and lazing about the house on the weekends. It helps if they have rubber grips on the bottoms just so you don't slip on tile. I wouldn't wear fuzzy socks with shoes because they make your feet sweat but maybe with rain boots. Fuzzy socks are like scarves for your feet!!! 


  1. These warm and fuzzy socks are able to offer outright protection from ambient cold and offers maximum sweat absorbance to make kids’ feet dry for a whole day.  wholesale fuzzy socks

  2. i love fuzzy socks and i'm a guy