Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 99 Women 2013: Disgrace 

The first thing when I saw this website was that all of these women are slender, toned, busty, and flawless. These women are well dress, wealthy, talented, and well mannered. What I believe to be true is that since this poll was done on a website called "AskMen" obviously the piggish side of men would come out. True. All of these women are as listed above, many are lingerie models. Out of the 99 top women none were curvy, full, shapely women. Too few well recognized actresses are curvy because of the media's sight on what a woman should be. I think this is a poor example to be set for generations to come. Yes women and men should be fit, fit is healthy, but there are many factors that keep everyone from being the SAME! So by discriminating heavy set actresses, we are discriminating every heavier set woman.  

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