Saturday, November 24, 2012



Turtlenecks, they are hated and loved, ugly and stylish. I think tight fitted ones look good on men. Turtlenecks are usually a thick, knitted sweater with a high collar. These collars keep you neck toasty warm in the bone chilling cold, but if you are inside where it may be room temperature or higher you will want to take them off. Make sure you wear a nice outfit underneath yours. Turtlenecks were designed to have a built-in scarf. Did you know that you radiate heat from your head, neck, feet, and hands? That's why hats, scarves, mittens and warm socks or shoes were made. Also have you noticed when you're hot at night you tend to stick a foot or leg out from under the covers, to give off heat. So to maintain your body heat get a turtleneck! 

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