Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spray Tan in a Can: Sally Hansen - Airbrush Legs

Sun tanning is bad, bad, bad, BUT you can get the same glowing look a few different ways. One would be spray tan at a salon, another would be tanning bed (no-no), also gradual tanning lotion, but this next is my favorite. Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen is a spray tan in a can, this may sound like a Jersey Shore thing to do but it is a life saver at times. This is great for tan lines and helps to create a flawless look on legs or arms. This brand comes in different shades, light glow, medium glow, and tan glow. If you would like a glowing look for any occasion, any time of the year try this product! This may help to give yourself some color when you need it this fall and winter. 

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