Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lamore Cosmetics

A long time ago at the Sonoma County Fair, there was a building littered with tons of kiosks and entrepreneurs with catchy names and products. Among the many stands was a cosmetic stand, Lamore Cosmetics, there they had makeups of all sorts and interesting lipsticks. Ones that looks blue, green, black, yellow, brown, and white but those were not their real colors. Once you put them on they changed! Green to red, yellow to pink, brown to strawberry, blue to lavender, etc. My mom purchased a tube of the green to "Rosy Pink". To this day I've retained the lipstick with the re-order number on the bottom of it. The prices are $10 for everything, now this may not be a fair price for such a small item, and I hope shipping is free, but the color changing lipsticks last all day! And that is a fact! I would suggest giving them a shot, here's their link. 

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