Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY: Star Bleached Shirts

 You are my Supernova Tshirt  Cat shirt - Galaxy Shirt - Pink and Purple - Cat Silhouette - Bleach Tee- Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tshirt size LARGE (L) 

This is a great art project to do while your locked up inside due to unpleasant weather. Get an old T-shirt, any color is fine as long as it isn't white or something too light, black, blue, and grey are perfect. You will want a shirt that looks like the background of the night sky. Then put some watered down bleach or just straight bleach in a spray bottle, make sure you are wearing junky clothes so you don't ruin them. Spray the shirt with the bleach to your desire. Then unscrew the cap and flick some bleach from the straw onto the shirt as well to create bigger blotches. This spots and blotches should resemble stars and galaxies. 
Try different shades of dark colored shirts and see what color the bleach changes into. Some will be yellow, pink, or white. For something even cooler, place stencils or tape on the shirt and spray around it and take off from awesome designs. Also, use a sponge like brush and dab the shirt with any color paint then apply bleach for a bright galaxy. 


  1. If you use paint will you be able to wash the shirt?