Friday, February 15, 2013

Revealing Celebrity Outfits ???


Some people argue that many celebrities, mainly female, are too revealing with their red carpet outfits. A nip slip is bad but what a woman chooses to wear is her business. It is unfortunate when we get judged for what we wear if it's too tight, too loose, too sexy, or too concealing. Female celebs are edgy, if not many wouldn't be in the show biz, right? One celeb known for her outrageous but trend setting outfits is of course Lady Gaga, she stuns the media whenever she shows "a little too much". Sometimes these revealing outfits worn by any celeb get too risky but it is fashion and a breast here and there shouldn't be shunned, it was the source of food for almost all of us for god's sake! When a pair of "boobies" are revealed by a celeb or a nursing mother or whoever, society squirms at it's sight, why? 

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