Friday, February 15, 2013

Japanese Street Fashion


Fashion is everywhere and a fashion though can be triggered anytime, anywhere as it was today in my history class. We were discussing diversity and where it is seen and Japanese street fashion was brought up because it has spread to the US and has influenced many teens with their style. Many Japanese teens dress in anime based outfits, '80s inspired clothes, and bright colors and will display themselves downtown. 

Some items that are featured on these trendy teens are; thick boots and shoes, high socks, bright side bags, hats, layers, dyed and styled hair, animal prints and accessories (not real fur), skirts, denim, baggy clothes, scarves, so on and so fourth. They wear everything imaginable! Some may say the style is grunge & punk and also hobo-ish yet stylish. 

We can see the Japanese street style within our everyday style as well. It may be subtle but it's usually there, like knee high socks! 
Check out the book Fresh Fruits and Fruits by the author Shōichi Aoki for many more pictures of the Japanese street fashion! 

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