Saturday, February 23, 2013

Refreshing My Style: Bohemian Style


I have always loved the boho style and lately I've been wanting to fill my closet with new bohemian items! I saw a do it yourself tutorial of making crochet table cloths into boho-like skirts and how to make boho boots with scrap fabric and belts. The bohemian style is all about thrift store treasures so it's always a great idea to go to a local thrift store and search for some old clothes that have character. This style allows you to mix and match tons of fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns. Maxi skirts and dresses fit perfectly in this style as well as denim, leather, and native patterns. Head bands, large floppy hats, and boater hats are suggested accessories also side bags and satchels. Try waves and braids for a boho hairstyle. Give me any suggestions for what I should get or where I should go for a one stop bohemian look!

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