Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Review of Forever21 Apparel: Abstract Pattern Lace Dress


For $22.80 you can get on of two colors of this abstract lace print dress. The 3/4 sleeves allow you some extra warmth in the winter, add some knitted tights and boots or flats and you'll have a perfectly cute fall outfit. This would be definitely worn on a night outing with friends, a party, school days, or a party! Fall and winter unlock a very unique style code and you can go wild with it. Save this dress for spring and summertime because it is super versatile!  


  1. I really love this dress, i checked everywhere online but i couldnt find it, do you have any suggestions on where can i find this ?

    1. You should definitely check Forever21 online. It might be sold out but you can always keep an eye on it for when it comes beck in stock, or check online to see if it is in your local Forever21 store. Also you can try websites that will allow you to find similar items like this dress.