Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Homecoming Heels



Homecoming is special, so prices, however nasty they may be, are slightly unimportant. Especially if you are a Homecoming nominee!!!! Yet again I am a nominee and I hope that this year I may win and be crowned Junior Princess!!! AHHH So these shoes are to be pair with my gold and black sequins dress. These shoes are subtle compared to the flashy dress. Nine West at Marshalls for $39.99. And these are shoes that I will wear again. I can picture me on the streets of San Francisco out enjoying the nightlife in some dark washed jeans a fancy top with a fabulous blazer and these heels on. So yes I will wear these again. They are faux black suede on the tops and sides and the heel and bottom of "toe area" is a shiny slick black material. I can't wait for HOMECOMING! 

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