Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chic Umbrellas


Stylish umbrellas are everywhere, are most of them practical? Probably, but I prefer a self retracting and deploying umbrella. One that can cover me and a backpack, and that fits into a locker or bag easily. The cane-like umbrellas are definitely a statement but who wants to carry around a long umbrella all day?! If you're looking for style try clear ones, or ones with cool patterns on the inside of them. Also look for unique shapes like squares, hearts, and domes. The dome ones are great at covering the top half of your body and they totally shield you hair from the weather. Kaleidoscope like patterns are trippy and eye catching, the traditional rainbow colors on each panel are classy. And always be on the look out for a lovable design or pattern on an umbrella! 

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