Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY: Halloween Costumes

Here are some creative ideas for costumes this Halloween that you can make yourself. I hope these ideas will inspire you! 

  Sushi, get some pillows, spray paint them, wrap some green sashes around your waist and the pillow, and wear with a white dress. Wasabi headbands, and ginger earrings are optional. 

Jack In The Box head Jack, pretty simple. Styrofoam for the head nose and hat, the rest is up to a paint brush and paint. 

 This is quirky yet easy. A box that is spray painted any color you like, and some solo cups glued on with "Lego" written on the bottoms.

 Time to break a black umbrella, cut it in half and sew or glue it onto a black jacket, make some ears out of cardboard or paper and stick them onto the hood. 

 I'm sure that this will get loads of respect for your hard work, get a dress, for girls, or a pair of sweats and a hooded jacket, for guys, and layer on some cut tissue or construction paper. For the nose and ears use cups and party hats also layered with the paper. Just watch out for hungry, baseball bat wielding children! 

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