Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Favorite Style

 bohemian fashion and style bohemian style and fashion with floppy hat winter kate bohemian fashion 

I love the bohemian style of clothing and home design, I guess because it is similar to the 60's. I love the 60's for it's fashion, peace movements, and hippie era! I try to find clothes that resemble this style as much as possible but it isn't a super popular style so it can be hard. The basis of this style would be eye catching patterns and designs on the clothing that is usually made of earth tones like brown, green, orange, and blue. This style can be mixed up with the Indie style and has subtle hints of Indian and Native American fashion. Layers are a crucial key in this style as are dresses, tunics, scarves, hats, belts, boots, sandals, leather, beads, rock and wooden jewelry, headbands, etc. 

My dream car that would fit in with this style would be a VW bug or van! They get very good gas mileage which is better for the environment than cars made today, but to go green cars should just be eliminated. 

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