Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Meggings" Male Leggings


This recent fad is for the men out there. You always see ladies wearing leggings or tights with skirts, dresses, shorts, or tunics, well now it's your turn to show off your booty! I don't know what guy would really enjoy something that tight fitted on their legs, maybe a wrestler who is used to singlets. However this style is still fresh and yet to catch on where I am. For now it seems to be stuck in Europe. This style may be unsightly for many people and the "junk in the front" won't be happily accepted in my book. Let's hope this doesn't catch on and dies in Europe.

P.S. The typical, single gender fashions have crossed over in the past like vests and blazers for women. Men are starting to steal women's style which is fine. 

P.S. Again...
I take it back, it has reached the US and has been here for awhile with famous men like, Russel Brand, LMFAO, and Justin Bieber. OH NO!  

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