Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY: Chalked Hair Style

Use this URL to see the steps and necessary tools and supplies.


This is something super fun you can do at a sleepover or girl's night in. All you need are a packet of pastels, a flat iron, a spray bottle full of water, rubber gloves, and an old T or towel that your don't mind getting messy. This style will be a bright pop for the spring and works on all shades of hair. Although flat ironing your hair will help keep the color in longer, dyed hair won't hold it in as well. This is a cheap and fun way to dye your hair and it won't last forever so you can change it in stead of waiting for your hair to grow out. Also it doesn't damage your hair as much as dying would. 

A helpful tip would be to curl your hair in the chunks that the color is on because it will stand out even more! 

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