Monday, September 3, 2012

Quick Tip #1

Quick Tip #1

Not feeling your best? Sick, bummed, depressed, or just plain lazy. You don't want to get dressed up like you normally do. I have the solution! Wear whatever you want, probably not as dull as sweatpants though. Do your makeup normally, or tone it down. BUT! To make you look less "dumpy" play up your hair! 

Curl your hair, add a cute bow or headband, take the time to do a braid, do anything with your hair. You'll feel better even if you aren't 100% yourself. 

I was sick a few days ago and didn't want to dress like a usually do, so I curled my hair but put it in a pony. It put a slight pep in my step and boosted my feelings even if I was down in the dumps. 

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