Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brassieres, Cone, or Bullet Bras

Nowadays we have push up bras but back then brassieres were in! Brassieres also known as the cone or bullet bra were popular in the 1950s. However they were started in the 14th century. It isn't as drastic as Madonna's cone bras though. I have no clue why slightly pointed breasts would be attractive but then again we get padded bras to look better even if it isn't part of our real body. This was a style for pin up ladies like Marilyn Monroe and for regular working women. I don't know if this style will be brought back but anything is possible. 

Check out this link for the history of the Brassiere.

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  1. The sooner they come back, the better! The current rounded melon style (or should that be implant style) is no less artificial than the pointy style which is much more interesting to look at.